About Us

Why Agricultural Harvester?
With the development of agricultural mechanization, the demand for high automation farm machines have a large market. We all know that agricultural mechanization can not only reduce the overall cost of production but also increase the total agricultural output. The increasing use of agricultural machinery promotes the development of agriculture revolutionarily.
Agricultural harvesters are one of the most economically important labor saving inventions. Harvesting machine not only saves the time but also reduces the quantity of waste to a great extent.
Our Mission
We are devoted to meet the needs of customers by manufacturing products with highest quality standards. We are specialized in supplying crop and grain harvesting machinery to meet the high automation of agricultural machines. Our agricultural machinery have been well accepted and appreciated worldwide, for their top quality, professional design and competitive price.
What We Offer
We can offer rice/wheat harvester, corn harvester, potato harvester, and other harvesters used to harvest sesame, reed, alfafa etc. We also export various planting and seeding equipments.
Harvesting Equipments
* Crawler Type Rice Combine Harvester
* Walking Type Small Rice Combine Harvester
* Driving Type Small Rice Combine Harvester
* Mini Reaper for Rice/Wheat
* 4K-50 Rice/Wheat Reaper-binder
* 4WR-140 Reaper-binder for Rice/Wheat/Soybean/Alfalfa/Reed
* 4G-120S Sesame/Reed Harvester
* Corn Combine Harvester
* Potato Harvester
* Electric/Gasoline Olive Harvester
Planting and Seeding Equipments
* Rice Transplanter
* Double Disc Wheat Seeder
* 2BJG Series Corn Precision Seeder
* No-tillage Corn Fertilization Seeder
* Rotary Tilling and Fertilizing Corn Seeder
We can assure you that every machine from our company has premium quality. And we can provide you thoughtful sales service. Top quality and competitive price. Choose us, you won’t be disappointed.


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