4YB-3 Corn Combine Harvester


Brief Introduction of 4YB-3 Corn Combine Harvester
4YB-3(4) corn combine harvester is matched with 48Kw (65hp) above wheeled tractor. It fully takes advantage of existing tractor power and walk device, increasing the use ratio of tractor. The corn harvester is equipped with unique reel initiative feeding device, so the operation is not restricted to the row pacing and number of rows. 4YB_3corn_harvesting_machineWhen harvesting corn, the middle stripping device is mainly in alignment with one row, the cutting paths of the left and right hand as compliment. This corn combine harvester can complete the process of picking, packing and straw returning at a time, not restricted to the row pacing and number of rows. The number of harvesting rows is three or four.

Features of 4YB-3 Corn Combine Harvester
* The corn harvester has simple structure, light weight, convenient operation and flexible.
* High adaptability and high harvesting efficiency.
* Equipped with straw returning machine, to smash and return the corn stalks  to the filed.
* Turning type elevator synchronously rising and falling with cutting header, avoids corncob losing when the cutting header rises and falls, and strengthens the adaptability to harvest uneven height of corncob.


* Equipped with stem compulsory feeding mechanism to improve the adaptability to different row spacing.
* At the transmit system, set up overload protector, which improves the safety.
* Adopt sealed transfer case, reduces parts abrasion and malfunction, prolonging machine’s service life.
How Our Corn Combine Harvester to Harvest Corns?
4YB-3(4) corn combine harvester is composed of cutting header, spiral conveyer, lift conveyor, corncob tank, straw returning machine, hydraulic system, drive system and machine rack, etc. 4YB_3corn_harvesterWhen the harvester walks along the corn rows, the corn plants are forcedly pulled and righted by the reel chains on the cutting head, and then launched into the stripper rollers. By the pressing of stripper rollers, the corncobs are stripped down and then transported to the lift conveyor and enter into the corncob tank. After the corncob tank is full, the hydraulic oil cyclinder under the tank lifts the corncob tank and dump the corncob into the transport cart. The stalks are pressed by the stripper rollers down to the ground, and then smashed by the straw returning machine.
Technical Specification of 4YB-3 Corn Combine Harvester

Model 4YB-3
Matched Power ≥48KW
Harvesting Rows 3 or 4 Rows
Harvesting Width 1.86m
Working Speed 2.15/3.54km/h
Production Efficiency 0.33-0.53 ha./h
Length of Chopped Straw ≤ 100mm
Chopping Type Horizontal Rotary Knife Shaft Type
Max. Climbing Angle Less than 20 degree
Lateral Inclination Allowed Angle Less than 10 degree
Seeds Loss Rate Less than 2%
Seeds Broken Rate Less than 1%
Overall Dimensions 7270*1950*3170mm
Weight 1.8T


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