4YZ-3 Corn Combine Harvester


Brief Introduction of Self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester
4YZ-3 corn combine harvester is a self-propelled multifunctional corn harvesting machine. Equiped with 5.7m extra short length, this corn harvester can turn flexibly in the field. It can pick the corn and pack the corn into the tank in one operation with high harvesting efficiency. The simple structure makes it easy for operation, repair and maintenance. We can also supply you 4YB-2 corn combine harvester and 4YB-3(4) corn combine harvester.
Features of 4YZ-3 Corn Combine Harvester


1. Strong adaptability, stable performance, high working efficiency.
2. Small turning radius and easy turning.
3. Easy operation, safe, durable and easy maintenance.
4. Small power consumption, saving fuel oil.
5. Equipped with one ceiling to avoid the sunshine.
6. Good view for the driver.
How to Harvest Corns With Our Corn Combine Harvester?
4YZ-3 corn combine harvester is composed of cutting header, chassis, lifting conveyor, driving seat, driving part, corncob tank, hydraulic system and electric system.
1. When in operation, the corn harvester walks forward along the rows of corn, the reel chains aside the cutting header separate the corn plants.


2. The plants that entering into the harvest area are righted from the root by the reel chains, and guided into the stripping path.
3. Under the pulling force of grain conveying chain, the plants launch into the two stem roller of the stripping device, and the fast rotating of stem rollers pull the stems downwards the rollers.
4. The stems continue to be pulled, the corncobs are snapped with straw from carpopodium, completing the separation process of corncob and corn stalk.
5. The picked corncobs fall into the bottom of the small lift conveyor, and then slip along the oblique slide down to the bottom of big lift conveyor.
6. When the corncob tank is full, the driver unloads the corncob by handling the unloading hand shank, turning the corncob through the double-acting cylinder of the hydraulic system.





Technical Specification of Corn Combine Harvester

 Model 4YZ-3
Engine ZN490
Engine Power 36.7KW(50hp)
Harvesting Rows 3
Working Width 1850mm
Production Efficiency 0.20-0.46ha./h
Seeds Loss Rate ≤1%
Max. Ground Clearance 350mm
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)
Weight 3300kg


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