Corn Silage Combine Harvester


Introduction of Corn Silage Combine Harvester
Corn silage combine harvester is special designed for harvesting the corn straws or returning the straws to the fields. It processes the straws through cutting, conveying, flattening, crushing, kneading and throwing into the trailer. After ensiling, the final fine straws can be stocked as winter feed for the


livestock. The corn silage combine harvester is mainly consists of cutting head, inlet roller, chaff slicer, hydraulic system, power transmission system and articulated frame.
Features of Corn Silage Combine Harvester
1. Wide applicability: suitable for harvesting the straws of corn, sorghum, pasture, cotton etc.
2. New design, compact structure, flexible operation, high efficiency and reliable performance.
3. Multifunction: cutting, conveying, flattening, crushing, kneading and throwing into the trailer in one operation.
4. Feeding quantity, stubble height, length of chopped straws and working speed can be adjusted.
5. Harvesting the crops without the limits of row spacing.
6. Applicable for wheat/rice straws harvesting only if change the cutting head.



 4QZ-12B Corn Silage Combine Harvester  4QB-10 Corn Silage Combine Harvester

When is the Best Harvest Time for Corn Silage?
Nutritive value of corn silage is influenced by harvest time directly. Timely harvest of corn can improve the harvest yield and nutritive value. For the corn, it should be harvested during the late milk stage and early dough stage. Then we can get the corn silage with high dry matter and protein content and optimum moisture content. After ensiling, the NDH (neutral detergent fiber) and ADF(acid detergent fiber) reach to the lowest, ensuring the best digestibility.



Corn Silage Combine Harvester Technical Parameters

MODEL 4QZ-12 4QZ-12B 4QB-10
Overall Dimension 7700*2580*3180mm 8010*2680*3260mm 7300*2400*3950mm
Harvesting Width 2200mm 2200mm 2200mm
Working Speed ≤4.5km/h ≤4.5km/h ≤4.5km/h
Cutting Height ≤150mm ≤150mm ≤150mm
Chopped Length of Straw 10-35mm 10-35mm 10-35mm
Chopper Style Disc Type Disc Type Reciprocating Type
Toss Cylinder Turning Degree 200 200 200
Working Efficiency 0.4-0.6ha/h 0.27-0.47ha/h 0.20-0.40ha/h
Matched Power (tractor) 180hp 180hp Rextron 900,920,950,1000


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