Mini Reaper for Wheat/Rice/Soybean/Reed Harvesting


Why Need a Mini Reaper?
Traditionally, people harvest the grains by plucking the ears of grains directly by hand, cutting the grain stalks with a scythe, or with a later type of scythe called cradle. It requires not only considerably long time but laborious arduous physical labor. Therefore, a reaper is necessary to improve this situation, meanwhile benefit the farmers.


Reaper for Wheat/Rice/Soybean/ Reed Harvesting
Mini reaper, also called swather or windrower, is a farm implement that cuts hay or small grain crops and paves the straws on the stubble neatly and evenly, which is conductive to the crop drying. Matched with walking tractor, it is suitable for small scale grain harvest. We have three models for your selection, whose cutting width are 100mm, 120mm and 150mm respectively. You can choose the proper one according to your needs.


Features of Mini Reaper
* Simple and reasonable structure makes it convenient to operate and maintain.
* High efficiency. It can harvest 2.5-5 acreage crops per hour, 20 times of the manual harvest.
* Labor saving. Adoption of self-propelled mechanism guarantees that one person can operate the machine well.


* Low stubble cutting improves the utilization of straws.
* Configuration of engine can be gasoline engine or diesel engine.
* Light weight, small volume, low energy consumption, reliable performance and good adaptability make it be a welcome alternative to harvest crops.
Application of Mini Reaper
This windrower is specially suitable for harvesting the crops in small plots, mountain, hilly areas or the areas where general combine harvester can not enter in. Besides, it is ideal for reaping crops with different mature degree, or the crops mixed with many weeds. After the ventilated drying, the crops can gain weight to increase production.





Mini Reaper Technical Data 

Model 4G80 4G100 4G120A 4G150
Cutting Width 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Lowest Stubble Height ≥50mm ≥50mm ≥50mm ≥30-50mm
Productivity 1300-2000(m²/h) 1600-2300(m²/h) 2000-3000(m²/h) 2300-3000(m²/h)
Net Weight 116kg 210kg 216kg 230kg
Gross Weight 146kg 250kg 260kg 300kg
Packing Size(L*W*H) 1050*1000*650mm 1300*1050*650mm 1470*1050*650mm 1800*1070*650mm


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